If you’ve landed on this page you have shown interest in our gaited endurance saddle with a horn. This is a new model for Tennessee Saddlery, therefore we have no photos. The description is exactly the same as our Endurance model, but will include a horn. We are expecting to ship these in Late-March 2020. Below is what we will have in stock. If you see your initials that item has been reserved for you.

Once we are confirmed 4 weeks from shipping, we will add the product to our shop as a back order and you will have the first opportunity to purchase (3 days to finalize purchase) before these saddles go on sale to the general public. If interested please fill out the form below. The cost is $349 + $44 shipping. For all paid orders within the 3-day timeframe we will include free additional matching stirrups (black for black and brown for brown). *Note this is a manually updated page, so it will take 24-48 hours for your initials to appear. *Note: if there’s no more available please email us anyway and we will try to coordinate.

Endurance Black Horned

15″ (3 available)

16″ (backordered) [BF, EL, CR, JM]

17″ (backordered) [VC, TB, DS]

18″ (1 available)

Endurance Brown Horned

15″ (3 available)

16″ (1 more available) [DF, VA, DS]

17″ (3 available) [DS]

18″ (1 available)

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