About Us

Why Our Saddles?

Our founder, Rich, designed a strong light weight tree in order to help keep the weight of the saddle down. The tree is a combination of fiberglass and wood. This technology enables most of our saddles to be in the 23 pound range. Of course, we could make them lighter, but we would require us to skim on the quality of the leather. Therefore, wanting to keep the weight down, and the quality high, our thickness of leather is high quality and full grain. 

We Fit Gaited Horses Better

We have been designing and selling Gaited Saddles prior to our official foundation in 2006. Our tree was custom designed in Tennessee, in the heart of Tennessee Walking Horse country. The gullet is 6.75 inches and flared. Unlike a full Quarter Horse Bar saddle it is designed to sit correctly on the withers and not drop down and throw off the way the bars sit on the horses back. The bars are called by many people as wide, however they are not. The bars themselves are not wide (only measuring 13 inches), but the angle is wide. Our experience has shown that our design work best for the flatter back of most southern breeds of gaited horse.

The bars are also shorter to fit the shorter back of the typical gaited horse. Do we fit 100% of the gaited horses? No, but we have a great track record!

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