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Our Founder, Rich

About 45 years ago, Rich, our founder, was given a 19 year old Tennessee Walking Horse brood mare, named Dolly, by a local farmer. The farmer just put a rope around the horses neck and jumped on for a ride. Rich, a proud teenager, was too embarrassed to tell the old man that he had never been on a horse.

Rich became amazed on how tame and gentle Dolly, the Tennessee Walking Horse, was. So, later that day, he went to the store and bought a saddle and bridle for Dolly. Rich realizes he probably did everything wrong at the time, but Dolly never once objected. In fact, she essentially trained Rich on how to be a good horse owner! From that point on, he was hooked! He became a passionate advocate for horses and the horse community. It was great for his family and children, who also developed a deep affinity for horses. He became so enthralled with horses, he later owned 22 horses and moved to the heart of Tennessee horse country.

He noticed very early on that western saddles did not fit the Tennessee Walker Horses very well. Rich felt that these special horses deserved special saddles. So, he set forth to make that happen.

Rich spent several years designing a special tree and a variety of saddles that fit Tennessee Walker Horses and other southern gaited breeds. At Tennessee Saddlery, our saddle designs range from the synthetic to the traditional leather saddle. In 2004, Rich opened an eBay store to start selling western gaited saddles. Since then, he has developed a 100% positive feedback and a solid reputation.

Our Founder, Rich
Our success within the saddle business stems from a specialized light weight designs, quality materials and affordable pricing. Our founded worked closely with a manufacture to incorporate his hand-crafted designs with the highest quality leather from Argentina. Rich personally worked ensured manufacturing techniques utilize specialized tooling and high quality full-grain leather to ensure quality workmanship and a quality end product. Quality western leather saddles for gaited horses do not need to cost $1,500 – $3,000. At Tennessee Saddler most of our prices are at or below $500, ensuring that anyone with a gaited horse can have an affordable western leather saddle.
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Just got my saddle in, it came a day earlier than the expected date which I’m super happy with! Fits my mare so well with no sliding forward or back. She feels more free moving also! The leather is soft and it isn’t stiff like most new saddles. It holds me in well too and is really comfortable. Definitely happy with this purchase!

Emily C


Our Team

Terry. I grew up in the land of animals. We had many dogs, cats, fish, and horses. Horses were the true love in my family. Once when I was 10 we moved to Tennessee to be closer to the horse community. I have my MS in Physics and spent 15 years as a new technologies engineer. My second career is as the VP of Operations of Meramak, a merchant services company.
Although, I was able to travel and live in many different places, my love for animals never waned. When, my children were young I had them visiting farms and riding horses. I love the style, the lightweight and the craftsmanship of the TN Saddlery Saddles

Our Team

Jean. When I was young, we moved to a house that had a barn in the yard. To me it didn’t matter that the barn was converted into a garage and in the center of town. All I could see were the empty stalls that “sooo needed” horses. It was here that my appreciation for horses was born. After, I was married; I had the opportunity to live in Western Howard County in Maryland, where every other house was a horse farm. I vividly remember one day when my kids were little driving down the street, and pulling off to the side of the road. My kids and I walked up to the fence to watch 10 new foals, experiencing the fun of being in the field with their Moms.

I have an MBA and have spent the last 15 years volunteering for a youth empowerment organization. I have found that horseback riding and horse care training have always excited and empowered kids, even teens. I look forward to working with groups that provide these types of experiences for kids and adults. The lightweight saddles that TN Saddlery and TN Saddlery Too provide are not only durable but are easy to lift and move.

I love my TN saddle! My mare loves her TN saddle and everyone else is like I love your new saddle! THANK YOU TN SADDLES!!

Roray R